Hi I have started using crème classique for about a week now, but have developed a rash on my chin area, and my skin is very dry.


The products I use are as follows:

  • Soap free cleanser morning and night
  • Beta Hydroxy gel – night
  • Blemish lotion – Morning
  • Facial Moisturizer – day and night

Any advice?

Chanel deleted answer 2018-10-16

Thank you for  the enquiry.  If it is the Day & Night Alpha Moisturiser + 5%, it may be the product causing a rash.  I would rather recommend you stop using it and apply the Ointment (500g jar),for a few days. This can be applied as  a “soap” rinsed off and re-applied to relieve the rash.  I would rather introduce the Moisturiser with SPF30 as a more suitable day and night moisturiser for the sensitive skin.  The Cream (dry skin moisturiser) may also be used thereafter as a good moisturiser.

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