• What products are best to use to get rid of: age spots, hyper pigmentation and tinea versicolor on face? (I have bought the Glycolic acid peel)

Thank you for the enquiry.

for the possible Tinea Versicolor one should consul a dr/dermatologist, as it may be a fungus and a script would be required for either topical cream or oral tablets.

For Hyperpigmentation the following:  Blemish Lotion, spray 2 x pd on affected areas, leave on. This product can  be used longterm.

Blemish Repair, apply 2 x pd on the affected areas and leave on. This product should only be applied for a 6 week period, rest for 1 month and re-apply again for 6 weeks.

The Safari SPF40 sunscreen should be applied afterwards as both products  make one sun-sensitive.

The Glycolic Acid will improve the texture and appearance of the skin and should preferably be applied and rinsed off (a few times per week), a while before applying the above.



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