Hi. What products do you have for teenagers’ skin?  (Son 16 and daughter 12)

Anna deleted answer 2018-05-15

The products that will be suited for both their ages and help form a good routine, are the following:

They are to be applied in this order and 2 x per day:

Cleanser: Soap free facial wash and only product to be rinsed off.

Beta Hydroxy Gel:  It contains Beta Hydroxy Fruit acids that act as a toner and ex-foliater.  It also stimulates collagen and helps with acne.  A few drops are aplied on the face and left to draw in.

Safari SPF40 Sunscreen:  This acts as a day and night moisturiser as well as a sunscreen.

The above provide the 3 basic steps, but for extra help with acnee, the Evening Mask may be applied a few times per week and left on overnight (the moisturiser is then skipped those evenings and the 3 basic steps are repeated in the morning).