Good day..,I have these tiny bumps on face(some form into white heads) I was told it is folliculitis ,what is the cause of it and what products can I use for it?

Kindly assist me thank you!

I am not sure if you have had it diagnosed by a doctor yet, but if it is folliculitis, herewith some advice:  Wash the face up to 3 times per day with the Safari Cleansing Bar, which is soapfree, but contains zinc for healing, and is antibacterial too. The Beta Hydroxy Gel contains Beta Hydroxy Fruit acids which tones and ex-foliates the skin.  Apply a few time per day and leave on. The Cream (dry skin moisturiser) can be used at least 2 x per day, it moisturises without blocking pores and also contains an anti-bacterial ingredient.

Recommended would be to visit a beauty salon where they will add value with deep cleansing and steaming.  At home you may also apply hot towels or facecloths which open the pores to heal. You may also pour boiling water in a bow and steam the face with a towel over the head.