My skin is very dry. I am allergic to most off the shell creams. I have flares of ecsemia. I am 60 years old. What should I use.

Thank you for the enquiry.  There are a few products specifically developed for Eczema.  It is important to prevent the use of soaps, bubble baths, too much contact with water and shampoos.  The Safari Cleansing Bar is soapfree and contains zinc for healing.  The liquid soapfree Cleanser, can also be used as a wash and rinse off.  The Cream (dry skin moisturiser) and the ointment are perfect emolients and can also be applied as “soaps” rinsed off and re-applied, a few times per day.  Starting with the correct shampoo is also of cardinal importance.  There are Zinc and Coaltar shampoos which can be alternated daily and will improve the condition on the rest of the body too.  If you are in Pretoria, you are welcome to also consult with dr Claudia who will assist with further prescription products.  Her no is:  012 343 5592.