Good day

I’ve been using your products for a month now but have developed very dry, red, burning patches in certain areas. They formed around my mouth, my nose, on my chin and a very sensitive, burning patch on my eyelid. Could it be that the products are not suitable for my skin?

I use the soap free cleanser, beta gel, eye and scar serum and the moisturizer with sunscreen daily. I use the glycolic peel once a week.

My skin has never had a reaction like this before. The patches have been burning so badly that I’ve resorted to applying antibiotic ointment tonight.

Thank you for the enquiry and I would like to suggest the following:

One can “wash” with the Creme Classique Ointment (500g) jar as it has anti-inflammatory value, rinse off and re-apply and leave on.

One can obtain Mylocort, 1% cortizone, over the counter which can be applied 2 x pd for 2-3 days (preferably no longer), rather than an antibiotic cream.

The Creme Classique Cream (dry skin moisturiser) can then be used at least 2x pd as a moisturiser and will certainly serve to calm the skin.  The 2 products that may have triggered a reaction could be the beta hydroxy gel or the Glycolic peel.  Eliminate them and once the condition has calmed, introduce one at a time to evaluate.