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My daughter is 9 years old and has a problem with acne. She also has a very sensitive skin.

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Hi Maryke, Creme Classique offer a full range of acne treatments. For your daughter we would recommend to wash with the Safari Cleansing Bar that is antiseptic that would assist in killing the harmful bacteria below the surface, causing acne.
Most acne products on the market contains some kind of fruit acid. This means your daughter will be sensitive to any acne treatments containing this. Our recommendation would be to dilute the products by using the Facial Moisturizer for this purpose. Mix a small amount of Acne Gel and the moisturizer in your hand and apply. Depending on the grade of acne you might have to consider oral treatment prescribed by your dr.
She can also start taking the Zinc Skin & Hair Supplement from Creme Classique. Always wear sunscreen

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