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Stretchmarks present a challenge, but the Hair Laser Clinic in Pretoria has success with the Radio Frequency Laser. It resurfaces and and stimulates healing of the areas.  The Ointment may be used as a “soap”, and re-applied after bathing. Avoid sunburn by applying the Safari SPF40 Sunscreen.  It also provides day and night moisturising

Stretchmarks present a challenge, but success is achieved at the Laser Hair Clinic in Pretoria with the Radio Frequency Machine  It resurfaces the area to stimulate renewal and repair. One can also bath with the Ointment, by applying it as a “soap” and re-applying it all over the body to keep the skin supple. Sunburn should also be avoided and the use of the Safari SPF40 Sunscreen is recommended. It also provides day and night moisturising.