Helmuth deleted answer 2019-04-24

I am not sure if you have been diagnosed by a dermatologist, but many of the products in the range that are suited for other conditions, also work for Dermatitis.

One can wash 2 x p.d.with the Safari Cleansing Bar. Rinse off and apply either the Cream (dry skin moisturiser), or the Ointment (for eczema and psoriasis).  They can also both be applied as “soap” and rinsed off.

If the irritated skin persists, a script from the dr. for 60g Persivate (cortizone) may be mixed into a jar of Cream.  This dilutes the  side effects of cortizone in a diluted form.  Apply on the affected areas until better. One can resume the treatment with the mixture if it flares up, but one can safely continue with the Cleansing Bar, Cream and Ointment.  If the scalp is affected, the Zinc Pyrithione Shampoo can add great value to improve the condition, and can be used daily.

Both the Cream as well as the Ointment contain antibacterial value for healing too.  We wish you well and would love to have comment on the improvement.







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