There are so many products, I am confused and don’t know which ones are supposed to be used together and which ones not?

Thank you for the querie.  I would like to recommend the following and allow yourself time to evaluate the range and one can always add later:

Wash 2 x per day with the Cleanser (soapfree) and rinse off.

Apply a few drops of the Beta Hydroxy Gel and allow to draw in.  It becomes the toner and ex-foliater and the Beta Hydroxy Fruit Acids are important in anti-ageing care.

  • A few times per week one can apply the Glycolic Acid Peel, as a “home peel” only 10% acid and will not irritate, but has value to improve appearance and texture as it provides good ex-foliation.

Apply the Rejuvenating Eye and Scar Serum around the eys and mouth and leave on.  It has great healing, anti-ageing and renewal value, which helps decrease wrinkles.  (It is also valuable for healing after operations, injuries and scarring, apply 2 x pd when wounds are healed up, for approximately 4 – 6 weeks).

Apply the Advanced Anti-Ageing Cell Repair Serum on the whole face and neck and leave on.  It is the only product in South Africa which contains all 3 Polipeptides which scientifically penetrates collagen better to provide renewal and repair.

Although the above product is moisturising when you apply it,a good extra moisturiser is the Moisturiser with SPF30, which can be apply 2 x per day.                           .

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