Hi. I have fairly oily skin at times (used to be on roaccutane years ago) and I am 38. I don’t have wrinkles but want to prevent them…and manage the oily parts. What di I use? Thanks

Yolande deleted answer 2018-06-26

Herewith a recommendation for the suitable products in our range.  Use them in this order:

Cleanser, soapfree wash, 2x p.d. and rinse off.

Beta Hydroxy Gel, this is the toner and ex-foliater.  Apply a few drops on the face and leave on.  This also improves acne, strengthens collagen and improves the texture and oilyness.

Glycolic Acid, contains 10% Glycolic acid which is a “home peel” and can be applied a few times per week to provide additional exfoliation, improve oilyness and texture.

Moisturiser with SPF30, provides day and night moisturising, without blocking pores and provides sun protection, which also prevents ageing.

Additionally, the Cream, dry skin moisturiser, is also a suitable moisturiser, without blocking pores or causing acne.  It is also anti-bacterial.