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Hi there

Please can you help me as soon as possible? I live in the UK but have grown up in South Africa and my mum is using all your products and would like me to use it too. I am 40 this year and i tend to have horrible hormonal breakouts on my jawline that I can’t seem to get rid of at all. Someone i know is moving to the UK next week and willing to add it in for me but I want to make sure my mum sends me the correct product to use. I tried to attach a photo and it won’t work.

My mum thinks is should use the Glycolic peal, the acne gel  or is the Beta Hydroxy Gel better,  the evening mask, the rejuvenating eye and scar serum and the day and night alpha cream. Please can you help me decide what is best? You can call my mum on 0828520050 (Maretha) if easier. She (and my brother) use all your products.

If you can provide me with an email I can send photos. My main problem is my jawline and it’s big deep spots that are hard and impossible to get out.

christa van vuuren Answered question 2021-05-18

Hello Natalie, apologies for the late reply. Yes, indeed a range to be used by the whole family. Your mum is 100% correct with the choice of products for your concern. The Evening Acne Mask is ideal for mask (acne breakouts caused by wearing masks) All you need to your mum’s “prescription” is a proper Cleanser like the Soap Free Cleanser and also a Sunscreen. Moisturizer SPF 30 would be best suited for you.

christa van vuuren Answered question 2021-05-18