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Do you guys perhaps have a product that i can use to exfoliate? I am constantly struggling with white heads, i am already using your range.


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Dear Anneri,

The Beta Hydroxy Gel is a popular exfoliater and toner, applied after washing with the Cleanser.

The Acne Gel contains Benzoyl Peroxide which also dries the black/white heads. Care must be taken not to bleach clothes.

The Glycolic Acid is a “home” facial peel (microscopically) and can be applied a few nights per week, this provides deeper ex-foliation and improves the surface of the skin.

The Evening Mask can be applied overnight.

A recommended moisturiser is the Moisturiser with SPF30, which does not block pores or cause acne and prevent the skin from drying out too much.

The Cream (dry skin moisturiser) also provides safe moisturising without blockin pores.