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Should a person with seborrheic eczema use Zinc Skin & Hair Supplements if he/she is not using any other medication?

The Zinc Skin & Hair Supplement may be taken, as Zinc is very healing.  There are also quite a few products that are specifically for Eczema.

Cream (dry skin moisturiser) and the Ointment (eczema and psoriasis) may be used as a “soap”, washed off and re-applied as a molient for the dryness, apply a few times a day.

The Coaltar and Zinc Pyrithione Shampoos may be used as often as you wash hair.

The Coaltar Cream is also very healing and may be applied 2 x per day

Safari Cleansing Bar is soap free and can safely be bathed with.  Re-apply the Cream or the Ointment afterwards.

The Safari SPF40 sunscreen is safe for sun protection as well as also a day and night moisturiser.


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